Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Carp Shop Photo

This year's carpenter shop mainbody photo before everyone heads off in a million directions. It has been an interesting year with the new contractor Lockheed. Some things change, but a lot stays the same. I will be heading out tomorrow for the put-in for WAIS Camp. There are some good people on the WAIS crew this year. WAIS is where they do deep ice core drilling to study the gases trapped there as far back as a 100,000 years ago. Six of us will be flying out on a small plane with more people to follow. The other deep field camps on the West Antarctic Plateau this year are Byrd Camp, which will be much smaller than last year, PIG (Pine Island Glacier) Camp at which science didn't quite happen because of weather, so they will try again this year, and Siple which is mostly a refueling stop for planes.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Orin's Antarctica Photos

Moon over Mt. Erebus. 
All photos in the post were taken by Orin Salah, an electrician and excellent photographer at McMurdo Station, and posted with his permission. His girlfriend Liz works in the Carp Shop.

 Scott Base. New Zealand's research station two miles down the road from McMurdo
 South Pole
 Ross Sea
 Hercules C-130 at the South Pole
 Discovery Hut at Hut Point, McMurdo Station

Ice People #12

 Nick Romano, carpenter, next to the Carp Shop's Pisten Bully 321
Kevin Williams, aka "Kdub", Fleet Ops/Haz Waste with his beard that he started last year.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Southern Exposure

 Aurora viewed from Fortress Rocks above McMurdo. Photo by Sandwich
The road from LDB during Condition 2

New Season

 Finished Polar Haven
 Nicky Gerome and Aaron Barbee
 Polar Haven set up At LDB (Long Duration Balloon) Site by the carpenters

 1984 Tucker Sno-Cat
Seal surfacing in a dive hole in a fish hut
 Sea Ice Patrol: Aaron Barbee refueling fish huts
Building a new Ice Pier off Hut Point

Staging sleds near the Pegusus Road