Sunday, December 4, 2011

Views From a Helocopter

One of the great things about this job is some times you get to fly to work in a helocopter. This is one of the glaciers in the Taylor Valley.

Lake Bonney Camp from above.

Close up of one of the ubiquitous company issued orange bags.

The Ferrar Valley
The Ice Runway on the Ross Sea

Fuel tanks at the pass and the road to Scott Base.

McMurdo Station. The long buldings on the left are the Upper Case Dorms. My dorm is 211. Of the two brown shorter buildings in the middle of the picture, 211 is the one on the right. The big building in the lower right corner is Building 155. It houses the Galley, store, computer kiosk, finance office, two ATM's, Human Resources, Housing, and REC (recreation office) along with first year dorm rooms. Basically the main building on station.

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