Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More MAAG Pictures

Wall of Catastropic Failure back bar. Photograph by Holly Troy

Translucent dance screen. Photograph by Holly Troy

The goat path up to the shop. Photograph by Holly Troy

A dangerous type. Photograph by Kresly Gunn

Up the goat path to MAAG at the Carp Shop. Photographer unknown

A beautiful, warm night for a party. Photographer Unknown

The Centrifuge of Excellence. Photographer unknown

The Carp (carpenter) Shop. Photographer unkown

Jamesway Arches. Photographer Holly Troy

Sean Cornish's Newton's Balls made out of bowling balls and Jamesway arches. Photographer unkown

Front of the shop. Photographer unkown

Tim Nicotera's submarine. Photographer unkown

Nick in the Centrifuge of Excellence

Amy & Stephan on the goat path. Photographer Holly Troy

Jamesway arches pathway at the top of the goat path

Anna prayer wheel. Photographer Holly Troy

Jonathan's video machine. Photographer Holly Troy

Jinga! Photographer unkown

Mel Li & Sharona Thompson. Photographer Holly Troy

The Heavy Shop's light brite set made with glass bottles. Photographer Holly Troy

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