Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lake Bonney Chem Lab

My roommate, George Harrison, on the left, built the new Lake Bonney Chem Lab in the shop and then he, myself, Graham Love and Sparky spent five days there erecting it. Here we are discussing the best way to flip the twelve foot by sisteen foot floor over.
G. Love and George Harrison in the Jamesway doorway.
The chem lab was built in four foot by eight foot wall panels so that it could be slingloaded by helocopter to Lake Bonney.

G. Love putting in the roof rafters.
View from the helo pad

One of the older labs that will also eventually be replaced as the lake rises because there is no lake outlet.
Some of the stuff that is Lake Bonney Camp. A Polar Haven on the lake ice, the Jamesway, propane tanks, fuel barrels and the new Chem Lab.

What we were really building. Two days after the Chem Lab erection, I came back out with Tim Burns and Aaron Barbee to add the deck and stairs to the lab.
Interior of the Chem Lab.

Looking towards the narrows.

Finished building

Helo refueling at Marble Point on the way back to McMurdo

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