Friday, February 12, 2010


On my last day of work before I fly to New Zealand, I heard that there were Adele penquins on the edge of the sea ice next to the waste water treatment plant. So I stole the company truck and took a little look. I've seen penquins from a distance, but never up close. They look like puppies walking around on their hind legs. Damn cute those penquins. Take me now, I am ready to go.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Castle Rock Hike

I wanted to get one last hike up to Castle Rock in before I left Antarctica. A group of us hiked up last Sunday. It took Jenny, Rick, Evan, Nicole and I about four and a half hours.

On top. You can see the channel in the distance cut by the icebreaker Oden to get into McMurdo Sound.

Jenny, Rick and Nicole. Nicole is a Kiwi down here with the New Zealand army.

View of Mt. Erebus, an active volcano, from the top.

Rick, Jenny, Nicole & Evan

View from the top of the Ross Sea ice shelf with open water in the background.
Heading home with, I believe, Mt. Discovery in the distance.

View of town with open water.

Ice People part 9: Byrd

Travis Moose, carpenter

Jenny Brower, carpenter helper

John, power plant construction laborer

Josh Rose, carpenter


Dave Story, foreman

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Byrd Field Camp

Aerial photo of Byrd Field Camp at put in. Photo by Josh Rose. The long yellow structure is the galley. On the left is the winter berm.
The carpenter crew

The power poles are about all that is left after the tent structures are taken down.

Antarctica landscape with a defunct tower in the background.

View of tent city (where we sleep) on a particularly blowy day.

Some carps. Josh, Thaona, Jenny and Jeremy.

The Galley take down

Inside the Galley for morning meeting.

My tent.

A sundog

The chief, sort of a warming hut/hang out place for the carps.

Home at last

The winter berm. Where everything is staged for the next season.