Thursday, December 31, 2009

Women of the Carp Shop

Last year I had taken an impromptu picture of the women of the carp shop when they just happened too sit all in a row one morning for tasking. This morning Sheri asked if I would take one this year. Missing a couple. Meghan left in December to start Nursing School in Idaho. Jenny Brower from Clayton, Idaho is out at WAIS Divide getting ready to go on a traverse with the CreSIS researchers. Not sure exactly what they are researching.

From left to right: Erica Bribiesca, GA (general assistent) from Austin Texas. She was lured down here by her boyfriend Eric who is the carpenter foreman at WAIS Divide. This is her first year. Lauren Rocco, GA from Michigan in her first year. Sheri Fabre, carpenter from Maine. Eighth or tenth year. I don't think she even knows. She's here with her carpenter boyfriend Galen. They are leaving on monday to go surfing in New Zealand. Nichole Lasich, a carpenter assistent in her third year, worked as an emergency room nurse before she came down here. Her third year. Thaona Sinclair, second year, carpenter apprentice from MaCall, Idaho. Monica Adam, carpenter helper from Moose Pass, Alaska. Third year. Monica came down last year with her husband, but he stayed home this year.

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