Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years, AGAP & the Pole

New Years Eve Here last night. A group of us walked to Scott Base (the New Zealand base) last night and took a shuutle back. It's about two miles away, but a nice walk. The green buildings are Scott Base.

Tomorrow is Icestock. Icestock is a big outdoor concert with about fourteen bands that goes all afternoon. The Carp Shop has a fish hut where we dispense free coffee with Baileys. Our coffe is very popular. Last year was a bit chilly, but this year will be quite a bit warmer.

Flying out to AGAP on monday on a Twin Otter. It is one of the most remote camps we have. It is the highest except for some Russian camp. AGAP sits at 11,700 feet. But because of the air pressure anamolies that we have down here, it is the same as being at 16,000 feet. The best part is that because you need to acclimatize before going there, we have to hang out for three days at the South Pole Station which sits at 10,000 feet. Yeaaaaaaaaaa! So I get to go the South Pole. A lot of people don't get the chance to go so it's a great opportunity.

The research being done at AGAP involves mapping a mountain range sitting way below the ice sheet. They fly around in airplanes bouncing waves through the ice off the mountains below. supposedly these mountains are as big as the Alps. I will be gone for at least two weeks. More Antarctic camping. It will be sweet.

These are the new wind generators up on T-Site that are visible from the road to Scott Base. They are a US-New Zealand joint venture.

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